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Lake Saif-ul-Malook

The worlds beautiful, rich in beauty the bluish watery lake, Saif-ul-muluk is situated approximately at 10500 feet above the sea level. Every year millions of people (national and international) come her for its tourism. This bowled shaped lake exist one of its best example for its beauty. Its length and breath is 1420ft to 450ft respectively. In front of Saif-ul-muluk, Queen Mountain covered with snowy is sighting its beauty and peakness. Its height is 17390 ft. nobody has passed this altitude up till now. The image of queen peak in the lake increases the beauty of Saif-ul-muluk.

People enjoyed the skating on the surrounding glaciers of the lake, some people move around the whole lake. On the horse too they can move around. The colorful flying butterflies around the lake give the wonderful sight. Else this in the mountains around the lake an animal named khan choa is found. There one of the mountain goat found which is known as Kul mar Khoar. Motor boat is also available in the lake through which you can enjoy the entire beauty of the lake. You can also listen the tale of fairy Badar uazaman and a prince Saif-ul-muluk from the villagers over there.

When to Go 

Lake saif ul muluk is a beautiful gift of the nature. Its climate gradually changes all the year. During the winter season the lake completely covered with snow, which looks like a snowy bowl, but in summer season from May till September the beauty of the lake is at its peak, which becomes the centre of point of the valley.

How to Reach

There are three ways to reach the lake

 1) from Balakot to Naran and then from Naran through jeep or horse to lake you can cover the journey of 8km. jeep and horse can be easily available from Naran.

  Through jeep approximate 1 hour

 Through horse approximate 1:15 hours

 By walk approximate 2 hours.

  2) From Naran to LalaZar by jeep and then from LalaZar by walk through the hans street you can reach to saif ul muluk lake, which is at the distance of 4-5 hours.

 3) From Balakot to Mahandari then from Mahandari to the hill through jeep and from hill to Mashool street by walk having a view of Aansoo lake, through the way of kach, you can reached Saif-ul-muluk lake which is at least of 2 days.

Where to Stay


Usually the tourist used to stay in Naran, they just go to lake only for its wonderful view. There are many levels of hotels are present in Naran. There are some tents and few room (i.e. for the people of hotels itself) are present.  If you want to have a night stay at the lake, so you must carry the camping luggage with you, because the nights there are, very cool.

There is no facility of electricity is available at the lake, so keep the strong battery torch with you.

Other Facilities

 As its far away from the village and no residential facility, only few cabins and few hotels are present, no other facility is available that is why some what how the things are expensive.

Nearest CNG and ATM is available at Mansehra



 1) don’t try to go near the lake water as it is deep from its bank also.

 2) Because of high above the sea level, the sun rays directly effects the skin, so keep some cream or lotion with you.

  3) Keep the warm clothes and umbrella with you because within a meantime the climate changes  which increases the humidity.

  4) If you want to travel in your own transport, keep some bottles of water with you  because due to the mountainous area, the engine soon becomes hot, that’s why water must be present , be careful while pouring the water.


Important thing

If you want to have a night stay at lake, you must view the sun rise and sun set. Because the image of hills gives the wonderful view, which is unforgottonable for the long time. The –presence of these beautiful areas is actually a mercy of Allah to us. That’s why don’t spoil its beauty and explore this heavenly beautiful areas of Pakistan to others


Time and Distance from the Areas

   Area                              distance                   time

  Balakot to Naran           94 km                     5 hours


  Chalas to Naran             8 km                       1 hour


   Naran to Saif-ul-muluk    8 km                      1 hour


 Which vehicle to be use

You can reach to Naran by any transport, but from Naran to lake only 4 wheel can go.


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