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Gujranwala is a major industrial city in Punjab, Pakistan. It is on GT Road at the distance of 40 miles from Lahore.

Gujranwala is famous as the city of wrestlers. The City and wrestling run neck to neck. It has produced famous wrestlers of the sub-continent, who have proved their skill and strength. This city is proud to attain fame in sub-continent in this behalf with grand titles ever won by any city of the world. Before the independence of Pakistan The Great Gama was the unbeatable champion of Indo-Pak sub continent, but a Gujranwala Wrestler Raheem Sultani wala wrestled twice with the Great Gama and won the title of "Rustum Hind" or "The Lion Of India". The famous Wrestlers (grapplers) were: Rahim Bux Phelwan Sultani wala (Rustum Hind), Younus Phelwan (Sitar-e-Pakistan), Acha Phelwan (Sher-e-Pakistan) and many more were there who entitled the city as the "City of Wrestlers" or "Phelwana da shehur


Gujranwala is a hot, dusty city and the combination of the two may reduce visibility in the summer. In April through June, temperatures regularly top 40°C, meaning that proper hydration is of the utmost importance. In winter there can be seasonal fog; on particularly foggy days, it can be difficult to see across the street. If you happen to be traveling in or out of city during the winters, be aware of fog-related flight delays. Drink only bottled water so you may avoid any water-related illness. Keep yourself covered in summers to avoid a heat stroke. Drink a lot of water - 3 litres a day - particularly in the summer.

When to Go

This area can be visited throughout the year.

How to Reach

Gujranwala is a major centre of rail, highway and river transportation.Tourist finds old steam engine frequently, enjoys rikshaw and chingchi to reach Narrow Street of clothing market/Bazar. Beautiful painted buses run on the road, painting on truck and buses , is another indigenous form of art performed in Pakistan . With its all colorful floral patterns, depiction of human heroes with creative aspect ratios, calligraphy of poetic verses and driver’s words of wisdom, this form of art is truly a part of Pakistani transport tradition. You can find it all in Gujranwala. The city has a dry port for the export of local products to the rest of the world. The major transporters are City tour.

By road, the city is less than two hours away from Lahore, the capital of Punjab and three hours drive from Islamabad, the capital of Pakistan. There are also excellent rail links with major cities in Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Islamabad, Peshawar etc. Gujranwala has convenient connections to Lahore and Sialkot airports. The city is in a great location and easy to get to from almost anywhere in the country. The city is served directly by the motorway providing fast links to the rest of the country.

Where to Stay

Accommodation facility is available in Gujranwala in the form of Hotels, Motels, rest houses and others

What to Eat

No trip to Gujranwala can be complete without visiting at least one of its many enticing restaurants.during our research we saw each and every eatery places of gujranwala.fortunately i was appointed for food research again by Smeda in gujranwala after lahore food and restarent research. Gujranwala is foremost name in kabab & Bar-b-Q, Gujranwala is on G.T road, which can be manipulated properly to give a boost to food industry, People use G.T road for traveling from Islamabad to lahore and vise versa.One of the most unique aspect of this city is bar-b-q .


Badamo ki Sardaiit is a traditional summer drink of punjab which has cool effect on your body. so one golden hotest noon we went to a sardai shop on pasrur road, to beat the heat. it was a different kind of drink shop, in hygine and taste side. drinks in all color was on front shelf of the shop. after visit this place, i bet that this is one of the shop that should take place in our research. the taste was , heavenly falvoured and divinely delicious ,with out pick up a chilled glass of sardai or thandai , no trip is complete widout visit here kind of phrase can be use for this place.they create a attractive environment in which customers can enjoy thier products like alaichi sherbet and marraba.each product gives one aunique taste that never fails to please – that the best part of this shop's magic.

This drink is a very nutritious and very good for everyone.


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