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The valley of Sawat possess the eternal beauty of it self in the whole world.  The sky reaching mountains, singing waterfalls, clean and clear chashmas, healthy atmosphere, the nature’s beautiful sighting are breathe taking.

Bahrine is located at the distance of 46 km from Mangora the central city of Sawat. At the centre of river Sawat, the valley of Gull Lala is very beautiful; the river increases the beauty of the valley. When the water falls from the river along with these mountains it gives the eternal sound to the ears. All types of facilities are available here for the tourists, wll furnished hotels are also available here, All the basic necessities of life can be found at ease.

Very Few kilometers from madin , a small area is found named Cheel.  Every where is the beautiful greenery, wonderful noise of waterfalls and flowed ponds gives the sounds of eternal music. The circled roads of Cheel in the mountains look very beautiful. The flowy river along with the road and the flowers along with bank of this river make the atmosphere pleasant.

Kalam is situated at the distance of 95 kilometers from Mangora city. This valley is one of the most beautiful valley in the Sawat‘s heavenly valleys. It’s at about 6832 feet above the sea level. From Bahrain till Kalam the valley is narrowed, but at Kalam the valley becomes wide and oval shaped. Every where water falls and rivers meet this point. From Mangora till Bahrain the road is metalled but from bahrin till Kalam the road is blocked due to snowfall, but it gets started repaired soon in summer. Just further from Kalam a road from Ausho, matiltaan and Mahodand moves from the snowy mountain of Falak Saer meet with Paidal daer and Chitral. If these metalled roads meet it will not only beneficial for the transportation and saving of time but also for the trade among these areas.  

Climate of Sawat

The weather of Sawat is usually pleasant in the most of the months. Under Sawat the valley in the wintery months do not chill as much, same as in summer months the valley do not becomes as much hottest.  But in the months of July and August hotness can be feeling more. Same like in January and February chill air can be feeling.


Here in the summer season from May till September Maximum temperature can be recorded as      37.77 ˚C and from October till March it could be recorded as 26.66 ˚C. the Minimum temperature in the winter season is recorded as -8˚ C. The spring season in Sawat can be founded in the months of March and April where the maximum temperature can be measured as 24˚ C and minimum as 22˚ C.

Rains in Sawat

The raining months of Sawat are February, March, April and August averagely of 32 till 36 inch millimeters.

Snow Fall in Sawat

Snow fall is mostly in the areas of Malam Jabba, Elum, Shangla, Madin, Bashigram, Bahrin, Kalam, Utor, Gabraal , Usho, Matiltan and Mahodand(upper Sawat). Where the snow falls is measured about 12 inches, while in the peak areas it is more than 12 inches.

When to Go

The best season to visit Swat is from March till October amidst pleasant weather. April is the green and flowery month of spring while October is the golden month of autumn. June, July and August are the months when dwellers of hot plains of the country swamp the valley to escape the heat of summer. It is the time when the valley welcomes all kinds of tourists amidst its magnificent mountains, meadows, forests and streams providing them perfect retreat.

How to Reach

Swat is well connected with important cities like Islamabad/Rawalpindi and Peshawar via road. Air Route: The twice weekly flight (30 mm journey) to Swat from Islamabad and Peshawar was still suspended at the time of compiling this publication. Check with your travel spent.) 

If leaving from Peshawar (or Islamabad), the route to Swat is via Mardan. From Mardan the main road to Sawat leads north ever the historic Malakand Pass, Swat’s distance from Peshawar is 151km. The distance from Rawalpindi via Nowshere-Mardan and Malakand Pass is 270 km. Dargai and Batkhela are main towns en route until one reaches Chakdarra, which is another town steeped in history. Here the road folks into two. One leading towards Chitral and another towards Sawat. The Chakdarra fort guards the area. An important post on a hill is the famed Churchill’s Picket (orPiquet), a small fort built in 1895. Winston Churchill had once served here as a Daily Telegraph dispatcher. A subject dealt with in much detail in the autobiographical.The Story of the Malakand field force.

Note: Visitors and tourists are advised to carry their identification card documents with them to avoid inconvenience at routine security checkpoints en route. 

What to Buy

Decorative household articles and colorful embroidered items are trademark of Swat valley. Embroidered table cloth, ladies shawls, mats, handicrafts, caps, wood furniture and honey are the popular items. Swat is world- famous for its precious and semi precious stones particularly its emerald.


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