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Khanpur Dam/Lake

This beautiful lake/dam is 48 km from Islamabad on Taxila Haripur Road

It is an ideal place for day trip/picnic boating angling and watching migratory birds during winter.

The area around the lake has been planted with flowering trees and laid out with gardens picnic spots, and secluded paths. The terraced garden and the lake are used for picnics fishing and boating. The highest point in the garden offers a panoramic view of the Lake Margalla and Murree hills Rawalpindi and Islamabad. Khanpur Dam: is a dam located on the Haroo River near the town of Khanpur about 25 miles 40 km from Islamabad, Pakistan. It forms Khanpur Lake a reservoir which supplies drinking water to Islamabad and Rawalpindi and irrigation water to many of the agricultural and industrial areas surrounding the cities. The dam was completed in 1983 after a 15 year construction period believed to have cost Rs. 1,352 million. It is 167 feet 51 m high and stores 110,000 acre feet 140,000,000 m³ of water.


Some 50 kilometers north-west of Islamabad, on the road from Taxila to Haripur, lays a lake so scenic and awe-inspiring, that many visitors to it just cannot get enough of it. Fed from the waters of the Haro River, Khanpur Lake is an important source of water in the region for both consumption and irrigation purposes in the two adjoining provinces Punjab and North-West Frontier Province. It has also become a popular tourist destination where families and individuals can enjoy boating, go picnicking, take extended walks along the lakeshore or observe migratory birds in Winter. Some people have undertaken "cliff-diving" at Khanpur or even flown over it in a paraglider! There is also a comfortable rest house, modelled on the architecture of a European Castle. 

Off course, every place has its share of problems from which Khanpur is not exempt. Concerns have been voiced lately about deforestation in the surrounding hills as the population of the settlements which have cropped up around the Lake increases. Rising levels of silt in the Lake are another cause for concern. On a more ominous note, several boaters have drowned there. Despite all this, whether you live in Islamabad or surrounding areas, or whether you are just visiting this region, be assured that if you don't visit Khanpur Lake, you are missing an experience you shouldn't! 




Festival at Khanpur Lake


A two-day Spring Festival and Water and Air Borne Sports Gala concluded Sunday amidst colorful ceremony with thousands of families from all across the country took part. NWFP Minister for Sports, Culture, Tourism, Archive and Youth Affairs Syed Aqil Shah was the chief guest at the concluding ceremony who also witnessed some of the events held at the lake site. 

There was a Gala with more then 15 different food stalls, sports activities which were participated by teams of educational institutions like Govt. College Bajaur, Waziristan College, ICM Peshawar, Khyber Medical College, Edward College, Islamia College, Khyber Medical College participated in different competitions like ski water races, scooter boat races, hot air balloons demonstrations, horse dances mango eating competitions para-gliding’s contests, para-shooting and other local and traditional games. 

Earlier, there were events like Hot Air Balloons, Hang Gliding, Para Gliding, Sail Gliding, Sail Boats, Water Scooters, Flying Boats, Motor Boats, Rowing, Canoeing, Archery, Angling, Fishing, Kite Flying, Cultural Music, Air Safari, Food Stalls, Gift and Toy stalls. The program was started in the morning at 10.00 on the opening day and was continued on each day till 5.00 pm with verity of program enjoyed by the participants. A range of exciting water and air borne sports, Hot Air Ballooning, Cultural trophy, Angling, Dancing Horses, Childrens’ play area and much more were part of the fun time for the families. 

To add to the color, girls took part in kite flying, flower arrangements, whereas boy students had camping on the shoulder of the lake for two nights. There was bonfire and fire works as added attractions. Food stalls have been arranged to cater to a wide variety of tastes. Different games and activities arranged during the sports gala included Para Gliding, Motor Gliding, Hang Gliding, Flying Boat, Powered Gliding, Air Safari, boating, Water Scooters, Sail Boat Competition, Rowing Competition, Motor Boats.Other activities including hot air balloon, Fishing, Bonfire, Camping, Face Painting, Orange Eating Competition, Cultural Music, Flower Competition, Camel Rides, Archery, Bouncing Castle, Fireworks in which the families keenly participated. Similarly, food stalls for families, Game Stalls for kids, Gift and Toy stalls for Youth was arranged at the sports gala. People in thousands from all walks of life have shown their interest to be apart of the function.


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